SMB Records -secure shredding

Do you need secure paper shredding?

Whether you are looking for regular scheduled shredding, one-off collection or residential – we cover your needs with our award-winning service.


Scheduled Paper Shredding

Our scheduled collection service is great for businesses who are looking to keep their office tidy. You do not have to worry about calling us to collect as the date are already pre-arranged taking to worry and stress away from you.


One-off Paper Shredding

We can supply a service to large or small offices that need to carry out a one-off shredding project. We can collect from your premises either with the documents still in boxes or we can supply you with waste sacks for you to fill or even arrange an on-site shredder vehicle.



SMB supply a shredding and destruction service to all electronic and electrical items. Anything that has a memory and holds information is shredded to a high standard any other items are simply destroyed.


Residential Shredding Service

The build-up of unwanted confidential paperwork can become an annoyance. Using a small shredder can take a long time and what should you do with the cheque stubs and other items that are too thick for your shredder?

At SMB we have a solution to help you with the disposal of your unwanted confidential paperwork or unwanted IT equipment.


Safe & Confidential

All items are collected and securely shredded following the BS-EN-15713 and are certificated to provide a complete audit trail.

All shredded paper is pulped and recycled into tissue products within the UK.


SMB Records shredding services can accommodate varying shredding needs, whether it’s a one-time purge of old documents or ongoing scheduled shredding services.

Knowing that sensitive information is being handled and destroyed by SMB Records can provide peace of mind for businesses and individuals concerned about data security and privacy.

Outsourcing shredding to SMB Records reduces the risk of human error associated with in-house shredding, such as accidental document mishandling or incomplete destruction.

In-house shredding can be time-consuming and costly, especially for large volumes of documents, SMB Records can help. Outsourcing shredding to professionals saves time and allows employees to focus on core tasks, while also potentially reducing overall costs compared to maintaining shredding equipment and manpower.

SMB Records professional shredding services often include recycling of shredded materials, contributing to environmental sustainability by reducing waste and promoting responsible disposal practices.

Many industries are subject to regulations regarding the handling and disposal of sensitive information, such as HIPAA for healthcare or GDPR for businesses dealing with EU citizens’ data. SMB Records professional shredding services help ensure compliance with these regulations by providing documented proof of destruction.

SMB Records professional shredding services ensure secure destruction of sensitive documents, minimizing the risk of identity theft or data breaches. They often use industrial-grade shredders and follow strict protocols to maintain confidentiality.

Overall, SMB Records shredding services offer a comprehensive solution for secure and compliant document destruction, providing peace of mind and efficiency to businesses and individuals alike.


SMB Records support companies in Kent, SE England and the UK within our network.
SMB Records has easy access to the M20 and M2/A2 which allows us to travel to the surrounding areas effectively. We are no more than 30 minutes away from main town centres, Chatham, Gravesend, Maidstone, Sevenoaks, Sittingbourne and West Malling, which allows us to supply and quick and efficient service to businesses or residential properties within these areas.