Secure Document Services at SMB

Are you running out of space to store your boxes on-site? Because archive boxes getting in the way quickly become a hazard!

Could you utilise the space more effectively towards running your business?

The Document services provided by SMB are second to none. We provide secure document shredding, secure document storage and document scanning.

From less than 1p per day per box our document storage solutions will help. Because we give you back the much-needed office space. Furthermore, our file management service ensures that you know just what is inside each box.

Having the knowledge of what’s in each box enables you to request the right information every time. This allows you to make a quicker and more efficient business decisions. It also helps you to become compliant with the GDPR with end date destruction of documents.

SMB records management: Tiered Pricing, Protect, 20+ years experience, 100% satisfaction guaranteed, scheduled pickups

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Secure Document Scanning

From A4 at 240 DPI to full colour with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) or drawing plans, microfiche and X-ray scan and conversion.

Secure Document Shredding

Secure Shredding for paper and IT throughout the UK. We destroy any unwanted information you store on-site or in our secure storage facility.

Secure Document Storage

Our secure document storage facility is designed with security in mind ensuring the information we store is protected at all times.

Document Management

Our secure facility is designed with security in mind ensuring the information stored is protected at all times. Tracking of each box using our bar-coding tracking system allows us to locate boxes quickly and deliver the right info within the time frame you require.

Cataloguing – Know what’s in the box
Customers, from our experience, lose or misplace details of what has been stored in their boxes, therefore understanding what is in the box is vital to retrieve the information you require. Our cataloguing service will provide you with a detailed inventory of every file within a box.We add your file information to our system against a unique file code. All files codes are linked to the box code where they reside. We can capture several pieces of information to help identify the correct file.Once the cataloguing process has been completed, we send you a copy of the inventory. You can then recall exactly what you require and understand exactly what is stored.We encourage our customer to supply us with retention dates of the boxes this allows you to identify which boxes are eligible for destruction allowing you to manage your overall storage costs. 

Secure Shredding / Destruction

SMBRM provide secure shredding for paper and IT throughout the UK. We destroy any unwanted information you store on-site or in our secure storage facility.

We can supply lockable on-site consoles for your waste documents with scheduled collections or supply sacks for you to fill. The sacks can be filled with unwanted waste paper, or you can fill them with standard or legal documents which have reached their end date and are no longer required. The bags can then be collected at a date and time that is convenient to you.

We cater for all types of document destructions and have a solution for everyone. We also supply residential destructions should you have any old documents taking up drawer space at home. You can even order via our online service.

All items that require destruction are collected and shredded in line with the EN BS 15713 and are certificated, helping to complete your audit trail. All shredded material is recycled within the UK and turned back into 


Document Storage Box

SMB supply good quality boxes for you to use for your archive at very competitive prices. The boxes we supply are larger than the standard archive carton allowing more files per box.


Pallet Storage

Holding too much stock?

No room to move?

SMB can hold pallets of stock for you. All items can be bar-coded so you know exactly what you have. We can organise for them to be collected or you can drop them at our facility yourself. We can even delivery your orders for you.

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(All BS EN 15713 Certified)




Package 1

£10 per month +VAT
(SMB archive box)
Up to 10 SMB Archive Boxes 

Package 2

£25 per month +VAT
11 to 50 Standard Archive Boxes 

Package 3

£45 per month +VAT
51 to 100 Standard Archive Boxes

Package 4

£85 per month +VAT
100 – 200 Standard Archive Boxes

Package 5 – Data Capture

Know what’s in the box
File Cataloguing First 15 boxes £90

Pallet Storage

L-1200mm x W-1000mm x H-1200mm – std pallet – £20 per month
L-1200mm x W-800mm x H-1200mm – euro pallet – £23 per month

Document Storage

Secure document storage contributes to business continuity by preventing data loss due to disasters, accidents, or unforeseen events. Regular backups and secure storage ensure that critical documents are recoverable in the event of data loss.

Demonstrating a commitment to secure document storage builds trust with clients, partners, and employees. It assures them that their sensitive information is handled responsibly and securely.

While there may be initial investments in secure storage systems with SMB Records, the long-term avoiding data breaches, saves money, legal consequences, and operational disruptions can be substantial.

A well-organized and secure document storage system enables quick and efficient retrieval of information when needed, enhancing productivity and reducing operational delays.

Companies often possess valuable intellectual property in the form of documents, designs, or proprietary information. Secure storage helps protect these assets from theft or misuse.

Storing documents securely with SMB Records helps prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing sensitive information, safeguarding confidential data from internal and external threats.

Many industries require accurate record-keeping and reporting to meet regulatory standards, SMB Records can help keep you safe. Secure document storage facilitates the organization and maintenance of records, making it easier to comply with regulatory reporting requirements.

By implementing secure document storage practices, businesses can mitigate the risk of data breaches, identity theft, and corporate espionage, safeguarding their reputation and financial stability.

Secure document storage with SMB Records ensures compliance with data protection regulations, such as GDPR, HIPAA, or other industry-specific requirements, reducing the risk of legal consequences and penalties.

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