There are still many companies that still rely on paper documents. It is a legal requirement for some of these documents to be kept for several years and then at the end of their life they would need to be destroyed securely. Depending on how many files you generate you could find yourself holding on to large quantities of files which could take up much needed space in your office.

If you are struggling with an ever depleting space within your office or you are struggling to locate the files that you need, it may be time for you to reach out for assistance with a professional off site Document Management Company.

So what are the benefits?

As mentioned above, the creation of space. The cost of space is at a premium and to have it taken up by an accumulation of files can cause unnecessary cost.  Document storage cost far less than using your office space to store files.

Removing files from your office, this could be in the form of filing cabinets, shelving or cupboards, can give you room to  expanded adding another desk for possible expansion or just give the feeling of more space. More space often helps with creating a happier and safe working environment promoting efficiency and a greater productivity.

Staying compliant

Letting a professional document storage company look after you files helps you as a company stay compliant. They can manage your files keeping your compliant within the realms of the GDPR.  This keeps you away from any unnecessary fines from the ICO such as retention dates.

Your files are tracked at every handling point when being requested. You know who has requested a file and the date it was requested.

Your items are securely destroyed at the end of their life. Not only staying complainant with the GDPR but also showing that you are following the Duty of Care Act by disposing of you documents correctly and having an auditable trail to show this by receiving a destruction certificate for example, for your records.

They also ensure that you documents are kept private and away from anyone that is not supposed to be viewing them. This not only keeps you but your customers safe from possible Identity Theft which has been on the increase over the last couple of years.

Tracking / History and Security

A Document Storage company has invested in keeping you files safe. They have installed a robust secure unit which has been developed especially for records management .

They have invested in special software that utilises a bar codes system which will track all movements of your documents. The system scans all items that they hold. Boxes, files tapes or hard drives etc. It shows the location where each item is stored. It can give you history that shows when the item has been requested and by whom. Retention dates and other information you may need captured can be added against the items unique bar-code. It can highlight when an item needs to be destroyed and who requested the destruction.

Unique bar-code tracking


Putting your files in a professional records management facility will give you confidence and peace of mind that your documents are being looked after correctly. You will be able to request your files back when needed, quickly and securely.

A professional records management facility will be able to offer you all services, secure storage, secure and confidential destruction of documents and digital scanning. They will hold the correct ISO certification, which will give you a reassurance of their commitment to getting it right.

You may have a great files management system in place but just require the correct management of your files when it comes to the destruction. Whatever your needs SMb Records Management can help you. If you would like to find out more details about any of our services please do contact SMB Records Management on 01732-668044 or fill out the contact sheet on our website.

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