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Why outsource you shredding


If you are or have ever thought about outsourcing your shredding then well done you!

There are many benefits for you to do so and make the switch.

Resource time sorting

No need to spend valuable resource time removing staples and paperclips. Simply throw everything into a securely locked console or a shredding sack. Let us do this for you

Our shredding machine copes with these items saving valuable time for your staff to concentrate on important business tasks.

Maintenance of your machine

If you own an office shredding machine you would no doubt have noticed it’s occasional break downs.

shedding machine needs maintenance on the blades to keep it working correctly. They also have a certain life expectancy and then they will need to be replaced.

They also need regular maintenance and a member of staff to empty the machines into sacks and to a waste bin. More resource time wasted.

If you outsource your shredding you can do away with all the above.

You are hassle free as the shedding company will look after all of this for you. All waste is 100% recycled too.

 Audit Trail 

To conform to GDPR your business must ensure that they have all the correct documentation in place to show that any documentation that is destroyed is traceable. In-house shredding does not give you an auditable trail. It is difficult to monitor all documents to when and how it was destroyed. Using an secure outsourced registered shredding company, you can request the required paperwork like a waste transfer note showing when it was collected and a certificate of destruction which will have a date showing when it was destroyed. This paperwork is important to your business making you compliant with the data protection law, and giving you an auditable trail. 

Saving time 

Many businesses find it irrational to have a member of staff constantly feeding a shredder a few pages at a time. This is one reason that many companies move across to outsourcing, to save cost in resource time and to know that the paper can be safely placed into a secure console, keeping it out of sight and stops any unnecessary documents being left laying around the office. They also help promote a clean desk policy by making it simple to dispose of documents.

Money saving

In the long run when you add up the maintenance / new shredding machine, time spent standing at the machine feeding it paper, putting the paper into a bag and walking out to the bin to dispose of it, it works out far more cost effective in the long run to hire a professional company on a regular basis, to supply you with a secure shredding service.

Possible data breach 

Allowing your documents to pile up can pose a risk of data breach. If you are unfortunate enough for a data beach to take place in accordance with the GRPR you could potentially receive a very large fine.

This is another benefit using a secure shredding company as you documents that are waiting for destruction are locked away behind a secure console, keeping all information out of view. This console is only opened by the shredding company or a responsible person on site restricting access to the files, helping your company to comply with GDPR.

You can also be assured that you documents and handled by registered trained staff that have signed a data protection document.

Once your bags have been sealed with a tie on your site they are not opened the sack and its contents a shredded in its entirety.


Recycling of products

You will find that shredded paper that is thrown into the local bin is not recycled. As the shredded pieces of paper are too small to be sorted they end up in landfill. The pieces of paper also block up the machinery at the depots falling into bearings and moving parts.

Using a secure shredding company means that 100% of you waste that is collected is recycled. Helping the environment and creating jobs.

All products when shredded are done together so all the paper is mixed with tonnes of other documents, so when bailed there is absolutely no chance of even 2 pieces of shredded paper being identified as from the same document, adding the utmost security to the shredding process. All shredding is recycled with the UK.

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