SMB Document Storage

Do you want to save money? Who doesn’t!

Do you store your documents in a self-store, removal company or extra office room? We can save you up to 200% on your monthly rental cost.

Do you store with a minimum invoice of over £50 per month? If you only have a small number of boxes we start as little as £10 per month. Ideal for small businesses.

Why store at these extortionate rates when you can store with a professional document storage company.

SMB Records Management have put together a unique tiered system to help the smaller business save money with their storage costs.

Compared to a self-store unit we could be up to 70% cheaper. You only pay for space you use not all the space you don’t.

Do you hire an additional office room to hold your boxes? We could be up to 200% cheaper.

We just recently spoke to a company who was doing exactly that. They were paying £460 per month for an additional office space to hold their boxes. We collected the boxes free of charge, scanned them away and now the customer only pays £150 per month, that is over a 200% saving. So why are you not contacting us?   Don’t you want to save money!

SMB is a family run business that aims to assist the small to medium-sized businesses.

We have over 20 years of experience in the document business and are able to supply all services that would be associated with records management.

We can you assist with the formatting and creation of documents. We can aid in the indexing of your files when taking them into storage. This would allow you to locate your files easily and know what exactly is being held.  We can also add the retention dates to files or boxes. These 2 processes are essential with the new GDPR, so helping you tick important boxes on your GDPR checklist.

Our software tracks items as they are requested, so we can let you know where your items are and who they have gone out to.

We securely destroy legal documents, office paper, hard-drives and WEEE equipment and branded items such as old uniforms, all in accordance with the specified regulation. All that we do destroy is recycled within the UK. Another boxed tick on your GDPR list.

We pride ourselves on getting things right, so if you want to save money or get back much-needed space, don’t wait, get in touch now.