Stand out from the crowd, don’t be the same as the rest. Be bold, work hard, show your passion in what you do, be you. Help others where you can so they can achieve results. Be honest and hardworking with individuals, by doing so it will make you approachable as someone to turn to and will earn you respect.

SMB helps the smaller growing businesses with a tiered pricing structure allowing smaller businesses to utilise off site storage if needed. No high minimum storage charges, an honest and fair charge.

We pride ourselves on giving the best service that we possibly can. We want to build good working relationships that have longevity.

In the unlikely event a customer decides that the service they receive is not to the standard they might expect, then we let them move without a penalty, unlike most other documents storage facilities which try stop their customers moving with high penalties. All we ask is that they explain where we might need improvement so we can improve our service with other customers.

We are a business, and are in it to survive and make a profit, however we value our customers and do not treat them as just something that generates money.

You can talk directly to the management team where you will receive quick response and the correct answer to any question, rather than speaking to an operationally inexperienced call centre where you may get lost in a myriad of transfers.

These are just a few examples of how we stand out from the crowd. Why not try us and see for yourself?

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