Records management

I get asked, when at events, so what do you do then? This question can even be asked after my logo has been seen.
I reply, records management services. Quite a few come back with so how do you store vinyls? (Old music media)
The fact is the records I manage are paper files. Records of data that has been added to a paper document.
Not only hard copy, but we can also change hard to digital via our scanning department. We can start the life of your document with our indexing service or end the documents life with our secure shredding service.

We can basically manage the life of your documents. From start to finish and all the bits in between.

A lot of companies are going more to digitalisation, and claim to be paperless. I may have come across just one company that is”paperless” the rest have done a good job in reducing the paper they use, but still, have some kind of churn. Some companies after all the hacks with millions of Instagram accounts found online, First American Financial leaking 885 million accounts, Google, and whats app being hacked, have gone back to paper with their important files. You can not hack paper documents!!

We can help you stay compliant and help the environment by supplying our secure shredding service into your office. We have many options for you to choose from, so we can supply what is right for you.

So why use a third party?

1. We have the software to track exactly where your documents are and who had it last. Everything is assigned a code and is scanned. I had someone say to me ” I wished we had used you previously as I am trying to find a file from 2016, and I don’t know where it is?”
With our system, your files, if barcoded, are always located.

2. We can capture information from your files so you know exactly what it is, and more importantly, we can add a retention review date. This helps you know when to destroy your files, keeping you compliant in regards to the GDPR.

3. You could spend a great deal of time shredding documents yourself. By using our destruction service, we can save you time and also provide you with the paperwork to show you have had your files destroyed securely and confidentially. This also ticks a box in the GDPR.

So I have listed 3 good reasons why you should use a professional company to manage your records.

So have a think about it and see if you come up with the more logical solution for your business.

SMB Records Management

No hidden charges and seriously great service.

We get it right because we care.

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