The Small Business (The Dung Beetle / Designer Label)

When a business goes out to find a service agent what do they look for?

Most will go straight for the larger multi-sited, national/international, which seems to be a well-established company. They do not even consider the smaller UK/ local companies. 

They go for a name as you would may go for designer labels.

Is this always the right path?

Once they sign up with some of these larger companies, they might find

1. Themselves trapped by conditions found within all the contractual small print.

2. Hidden charges that had not been explained to them on sign up. 

The larger companies can employ the right people, who will be able to bring along with them, smoke and mirrors, so you do not understand what you are signing up too.

Just because they are large does not necessarily mean they bring along with them a good service and support.

Example; we recently signed up with BT for our business broadband. The fitter that installed the router would not place it where we asked him to. His excuse was it was too far and used to much wire, it was only another 10 meters, if that. Later we discovered that this should not have been the case, he was just a lazy fitter. However, now it was in place BT wanted to charge us again to move it.

We have now lost our BT connection. We received a letter explaining they are  have cutting us off due to an invoice error they have caused, but are not in any urgency to reconnect.

This is just one example of how a large company has lost control over customer service and has an influence on how they are perceived by their customers. How the support to their customers is not there, and it seems not to bother them.

You find a lot of smaller businesses, we will not say all of them, but those registered companies that are trying to survive, are a little more honest in their approach, as they value their customers a lot more than some the larger companies might do.

Their customers are their bread and butter, food on the table so why would they try to deceive the customer and potentially risk losing them.

So why the Dung Beetle? Let me explain.


You might look at the smaller family run business and think to yourself, that they could never live up to the demands and your expectations.

You might be surprised in the dedication you get from a smaller business that wants to show you their values, integrity and prove to you their capabilities.

The Dung Beetle is a small body in the animal world. Same as the small business is amongst the large corporate world. However;

Fact: The Dung Beetle is the World’s strongest animal! When moving balls of dung, a roller can pull a whopping 1,141 times its body weight – that’s the same as a human dragging six full double-decker buses along a road!

So, the next time you are looking at a service partner, check out the smaller business. You might be surprised at the power and service the smaller business can bring. 

SMB Records Management step up to the challenges, we have no hidden charges, we try to be as transparent as possible and we are dedicated to the cause.

As a small family run business, it does not mean we lack experience either. We have over 25 years of experience within our industry and value both our staff and customers alike.  

We also have the experience of how larger companies operate and the way they perceive the value of their customers and how the wrong culture can grow within a company. 

So, the next time you are searching for a service partner, be diligent, search for a reputable, registered company, but do not exclude the smaller UK companies just because they are not a designer label.

Help support the UK’s smaller businesses.