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There is more to our forests and woodlands than just their beauty and it is not the sustainability of animals and insects they give refuge to either. Trees give us the oxygen we breathe, but they also store a considerable amount of carbon that is produced by us on planet Earth.

Trees are one of our biggest allies in the fight against global warming. Each tree can store approximately 250 kg of carbon over a period of about 100 years.
The average carbon footprint of someone in the UK is 12 tonnes. That’s 48 trees planted every year for one person to be carbon neutral.
Over the last few hundred years of wars, agriculture and industry have slowly stripped the land of tree cover. Only 13% of UK is now currently covered by woodland.

Now the UK can only cover 20% of the demand for wood,  so we must now rely on importing wood from other countries, which is, itself, causing a problem, as the wood could be transported to us illegally from the world’s most threatened and much needed forests.      

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        Unsustainable Deforestation

It is estimated that 75, 000 hectares of trees are brought into the UK every year for the wood industry. That is approximately 289.55 sq. miles of forest.

So how does recycling paper correctly help?

Before you throw paper into a general bin or pass it to the local incinerator or even shred it yourself, which mostly ends up in landfill, why not call in a professional shredding company where you are guaranteed 100% of your paper is going to be recycled. This helps reduce the need for new wood being turned into paper products. Paper can be recycled up to 5 times before the fibres cannot be used anymore. By recycling your paper products responsibly and correctly you are slowing down the need for new wood, helping the sustainability of the trees, creating jobs and helping the planet and the climate.

SMB Records Management supply a secure shredding service which guarantees 100% recycling of paper products. Nothing leaves the UK, all products are recycled within the UK also helping the economy and supporting a great family run UK company.

If you want to get on board, help save the trees and fight against global warming, be sure to get in touch.

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