As technology moves on, old media vessels slowly become defunct.  Microfiche, Betamax, VHS tapes and cassette tapes are now things of the past. Even though we still have some stored away, they are getting more difficult to view as the players die too. The Walkman, 8 track, tape recorder and video player are getting more difficult to find.

CD’s and DVD’s are now becoming a part of this category too. New computers no longer have a disk drive and DVD players are not being replaced when they go wrong. For those that have used CDs to store sensitive information, are possibly either storing them at the back of a cupboard or in another area where they have been forgotten about.

If you are storing CDs either for the memorabilia or just because you have put them to the back of your mind … maybe to be reviewed when you have time, do consider how you are storing them. If you want to keep you CD’s / DVDs, make sure you are storing them correctly as your CDs might suffer from disk rot.

To find out more about disk rot, check out this BBC link below:

Like VHS tapes, CDs are a dying breed. Even your music CD’s have been replaced by streaming or downloading apps, which you can play anytime or anywhere.  Gone are the days of the zip up disk holding folders that you had to find room in your car or house to store.  Or the larger company folders which stored sensitive data, contracts, or CCTV backups.

So, what can we do about destroying the CD?

It has been suggested that a CD can take up to 1 million years to completely decompose. The CDs contain BPA (Bisphenol A) chemicals that are released overtime seeping into the ground at the landfill sites. These chemicals can cause health problems in humans, such as cancer.  Burning CDs is also inappropriate as it releases toxic fumes into the air we breathe.

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