Receiving award

Winning Awards

A few months ago, we, SMB Records Management, received an award for our recycling efforts. We have worked hard on building services with new and existing customers since we started in 2019. This does not apply just to the secure storage service we provide, we have also pushed hard to grow the confidential shredding/recycling service.…

Waste-hierarchy tree

The Waste Hierarchy- Recycling / Reuse

The amount we consume on an individual and business scale is constantly increasing. Evolving technology, consumer demands and affluence are fuelling the growth of waste. It’s having a grave impact on our environment. This is currently being highlighted at COP26, with targets set for businesses to provide their evidence of sustainable targets by 2023. There are…

Shredding hard drive

IT Disposal

Weee Waste So who got a new computer or gadget for Christmas or in the sale? Do you know how to dispose of your old one safely ? In our lives today, it’s impossible not to rely on electronic items for both at work and at home. Your electronics have come to the end of…

Will storage

Wills and Probate Wills are an important legal document that makes things easier for your loved ones. It helps them understand what you would want to leave your loved one once you have moved through to the gateway to rebirth. The document can be a little tricky to fill which is why it really does need professional…

Climate control

Recycling – Helping our planet

Recycling – Helping our planet There is more to our forests and woodlands than just their beauty and, the sustainability of animals and insects they give refuge to either. Trees give us the oxygen we breathe, but they also store a considerable amount of carbon that is produced by us on planet Earth. Trees are…


Why outsource you shredding

Providing you with a complete               document solution       Why outsource your shredding  If you are or have ever thought about outsourcing your shredding then well done to you! There are many benefits for you to do so and make the switch.   Resource time sorting No need…

Records management

So what do we do?

I get asked, when at events, so what do you do then? This question can even be asked after my logo has been seen.I reply, records management services. Quite a few come back with so how do you store vinyls? (Old music media)The fact is the records I manage are paper files. Records of data…

Document storage

Why the buzz?

I stepped out into the garden and saw a bee hard at work. Our bird box has been taken over by nesting bumble bees.I started to think about how they fetched, stored, cleaned and moved things and how efficient they were at organising their hive. All the little store holes neatly built and then servicing…

Mental Heath

Moving on and up

I thought it was about time that I gave an update to my Blog “How life can get on top of you”. I am still hearing a lot about mental health and how it can steal someone away from you. In my last blog, I made some suggestion that might help others, that I found…

Stand out from the crowd

Stand out from the crowd.

Stand out from the crowd, don’t be the same as the rest. Be bold, work hard, show your passion in what you do, be you. Help others where you can so they can achieve results. Be honest and hardworking with individuals, doing so will make you approachable as someone to turn to and will earn…


SMB Document Storage, your number 1 provider for document management services.

  SMB Document Storage, your number 1 provider for document management services for the southeast.   SMB Records management specialise in document storage, digital scanning and secure destruction. We provide all solutions for document management, storage and to assist those who want to change from hard copy to digital. Giving full support to our customer…